Saturday, October 24, 2009

Player Profile - Margo Legault

Name: Margo Legault
Position: Midfield/Defender
Nationality: Canadian
Debut: 2009
Honours: Ontario AFL Rookie of the week, Canadian Women's National Team selection, 2010 AFL Quebec Premiership Player, 2010 Canadian Women's National Title, 2010 Montreal Angels Captain, 2010 Montreal Angels Coach's Award, 2011 International Cup Player of the Tournament, 2010/2012 AFL Quebec Women's Preseason Cup, 2011 Montreal Angels MVP.

Player Bio: Margo was convinced to try out Aussie Rules by her boyfriend Ronan Shaughnessy in mid-2009. A former Rugby player Margo made an immediate impact in the women's league so much so that she entered into the men's competition. 4 goals in her first ECAFL match and 2 goals on her OAFL Division 2 debut were the perfect lead up for the U.S Nationals where her magnificent performances earned her a national jersey. She continued to blossom in 2010 taking on the role as Angels captain leading her team to the Canadian title over Edmonton.

Another big year in 2011 saw Margo travel to Australia to compete in the International Cup for Canada. Was voted the Canadian team's best player playing a huge role down back for the Northern Lights. Returned home to reinvigorate the Angels programme for 2012 playing another major part in the Angels Preseason Cup victory.