Sunday, June 3, 2012

Player Profile - Lindsay Belzie

Name: Lindsay Belzie
Position: Forward/Ruck
Nationality: Canadian
Debut: 2009
Honours: 2010 Montreal Angels National Title, 2010 Quebec Saints Premiership player, 2010 & 2012 AFL Quebec Women's Preseason Cup.

Player Bio: Having forged a reputation as a fearless American footballer and Rugby player, Lindsay hasn't failed to deliver on the Aussie Rules football scene. Initially starting her Aussie Rules career in the ruck, Lindsay's recent move down forward has paid huge dividends as she has developed in to a dangerous forward target.

Her many accolades include playing for TEAM CANADA at the 2011 International Cup, and on a club level playing an integral role in the Montreal Angels 2010 Canadian Nationals title win. These achievements sit proudly alongside an OAFL Division 2 premiership medallion and two AFL Quebec Women's Pre-season Cup victories.