Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Player Profile - Tara Cools-Lartigue

Name: Tara "The Tank" Cools-Lartigue
Position: Defender
Nationality: Canadian
Debut: 2012
Honours:  2012 AFL Quebec Women's Preseason Cup, 2012 Boston Tournament 'Breakout Player'.

Player Bio: One of the most exciting prospects of 2012, Tara exploded on to the the Aussie Rules scene with an outstanding debut in the AFL Quebec Pre-Season Cup.

Coming from a Rugby background, Tara's attack on the ball is second to none and her fearless never-say-die attitude has made her one of the crowd favourites. Improving in leaps and bounds with every match she plays, Tara is one of the Montreal Angel's most prized possessions.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Player Profile - Kate Allbon-Sargeant

Name: Kate Allbon-Sargeant
Position: Defender
Nationality: New Zealand
Debut: 2011
Honours:  2012 AFL Quebec Women's Preseason Cup.

Player Bio: Made and impressive debut in 2011 playing with an injured hand in the Quebec AFL. Returned in 2012 injury free and made an instant impact for the Montreal Angels proving a jewel in the Angels' defensive set-up.

Kate's fearless attack on the ball has been her signature in 2012. Often found extracting the ball from the bottom of a pack, it's her cool and calm demeanour under pressure that allows her to be the Angels' driving force out of defence. Made a stellar contribution to the Angels 2012 Pre-Season Cup victory helping restrict the opposition to only two goals in two games.

Kate has also made waves in the Quebec AFL playing up forward for the Laval Bombers. Her outstanding football knowledge shines through for the Bombers as Kate plays the role of small-forward. The proof of her talent coming with several hauls of multiple goals for the red and black.